BZ's Curse of Strahd - Ep. 18 - Is This Flirting?

a month ago

Bookzombie Presents Curse of Strahd Episode 18: Is this flirting? Our heroes finally arrive in Vallaki, settle in and immediately split the party…

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  • Ciaus as Darius Tahlvinhar
  • Penny as Marmoset Quince (Twitter @happypennski)
  • Ultan as Semyon Anatov (Twitter @thesleepinggod)
  • Rik as Leena Random (Twitter @beHom_maS)
  • Jane as Tizryl Forgeflame (Twitter @cellardoor10)
  • Josh as Eremon (Twitter @tehsarge)
  • Chris 'Bookzombie' Hill as the DM (Twitter @cjhbookzombie)

Theme music and artwork by The Sleeping God

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